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We offer full range of postproduction services from video edit, Sound mastering, vfx, 2d, 3d and emission preparation. We work on fully professional suite of tools including remote reviews and acceptance. We have a "can do " attitude. We know that our clients not always have the right materials and very often we need to recreate large parts of it. We are working with top clients that are known for being the most demanding in terms of quality of post-production services with no compromise and this is what we deliver.

Sound/VO Recording

We have a professional sound recording studio, where we can record VO. We are working as well with a number of Sound studios in Europe to be able to provide native VO recordings for localization services.

Sound Editing

Our services include Sound Editing for video material. We are editing sound materials in many language versions delivering many emission versions.

VO Casting

We have a databases of different professional voices. We may deliver as well native lectors for other European languages from the chain of cooperating studios.

Sound Effects

Very often the material we receive require “special treatment” to achieve perfect end result. Our Sound Studio with Avid Pro Tools equipment is ready to take all challenges!

Sound Mastering

We can master all sound tracks to create an emission mix for the end material. All our work meets all check by TV quality gates.

Video Editing

We are working on the Avid Media Composer which is a standard for all professionals in Video Edit area. We may create a movie trailer, edit your spot, or prepare a promotional film or shorts from special events.

Graphical services

We create graphical packshots, call-to action screens or end boards with key messages. Just let us know and we will propose something!

2D Graphics

2D animation motion graphics.
Do you know that animated commercials cost less than a real life that require full bunch of people? And very often are just as effective. You may go for full animated story or just add a piece to the real one.

3D Graphics

3D animation is where we need more realistic movement in all 3 dimensions or a close to real character. We work with Maxon Cinema 4D to cover all stages from modelling, via texturing, animating till rendering.


Is a final stage when we put all elements into a final material making sure each of them match to each other and all video and graphical tracks are included in final result. It can be replacement of the text or graphics on the video or simply removing something from the scene…

Photo sessions

We organize professional photo shooting sessions of your products to be able to use it in video spots. All you need is to deliver products to us and we will organize everything with remote approval. You may use it for commercials but as well for you e-commerce.

Emission Preparation

Out traffic management is preparing emission files for all the standards including different TV channel specifications and internet specs. We specialize as well in Digital Signage (Digital Out Of Home) formats and if required we’re ready to prepare emission DCP disks for cinemas.

Postproduction management

We manage budget and time. We can work on time and material basis but as well on the fixed fee based on the expected outcome and materials received.

Translation and localisation

We provide a full support in the localization of your spots from recording native VO in home countries via our partner sound studios, changing of graphics, text till releasing right emission files for different markets

Remote review and approval

We use top tools for remote reviews and approvals like Ftrack, Cinesync or private Vimeo reviews. This allows us to cooperate efficiently on getting the feedback and adapting required changes fast.

Professional tools

We work on the professional tools – a top selection of filmmakers around the globe – AVID Media Composer for Video Editing, AVID Pro Tools for all Sound Editing and Mastering, and full suite of Adobe Creatve cloud. We use as well Vimeo review, ftrack and Cospective Cinesync. Our central storage is 100% encrypted, and duplicated assuring safety of your materials.

Movie tailers

We specialize in preparing movie trailers. We can localize the content of the trailer but as well we may create a trailer that will cover best scenes to attract publicity. At the end the emission files may go to TV, internet, Digital Signage and Cinemas.

Products commercials

All our team has over 20 years of experience in preparing commercials. We may localize your existing one to another 5 markets or create one completely from scratch.

Corporate movies

Do you need a movie for internal training or presentation? Or an employee branding movie? We may provide you a full support keeping to your corporate guidance.

Special Events

If you need a special movie for your company anniversary, or when your company is getting a special reward – just contact us. We will prepare stunning heartbreaking material based on your requirements.

Are you planning new products or bands on new markets? We can localize both graphics and sound of your existing spots!

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Do you need professional post-production services? We do Video Editing, VFX, Sound Mastering and Emission preparation for multiple channels. We can release concurrently in a number of languages.

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